You can add content from other sites by using the embed code and the embed.gificon in the Editor

Directions for Embedding

To embed content into a page, you will need to copy the embed code from the source you want to embed.
For example, if you upload a powerpoint to slide should see a space where there is code to "embed in my space" or "embed in my blog"
Try NOT to choose the code for a specific application like myspace...
Copy the code from the host site and then click on the TV iconembed.gif on the wikispace
You will get a pop up (you may need to stop pop-up blockers to see). You need to click on other html and paste the code onto the wikispace.

Cool Tools

Slide Show

You can upload a powerpoint or keynote presentation so that it can be embeded into your site.



  • Scribd: Creates "flash paper" files for any documents


  • Slide allows you to easily create slideshows and embed them on your site or social networking profile. You can connect to a photo hosting site like flickr or upload from your computer.
  • Here is a sample slide that I made using my flickr photos, and the slideshow option. I changed the size to make it a banner
  • Play around with the different templates.

Polls & Surveys


Create a PollDaddy poll and embed it into your wiki.

Live Blog / Chat


Coveritlive allows you to create a "live blog" note style archive. There is a moderator needed for all blog comments


Create your own timeline to embed into a wikispace or other web program





Google Video

Teacher Tube

Have you created a digital story using iMovie that you want to embed on your page. Try uploading to Google Video or Teacher Tube Both are safe and approved for school use OR Find a video on TeacherTube and embed it into your wiki.

Digital Stories

You can use images to create digital stories that can be embedded into your site.

Voice Thread

  • Voice Thread
  • Use voice thread to upload pictures that others can comment on

Create a VoiceThread digital photo story and embed it onto your wiki.


Create an online poster with images, icons, music and video and embed into your wiki
The home page of this site was created with glogster


Want to find more widgets to take your wiki from workable to wow? Check out the widgets listed on Wikispaces "Insert Widgets" and/or visit Widgetmate